fredag, februari 17, 2006

Köp danskt, bojkotta Nestlé och Carrefour!

I Dane Sees Greed and Politics in the Crisis rapporterar New York Times att franska Carrefour och schweiziska Nestlé distanserat sig från Danmark av kommersiella skäl.

Looking tired after what he acknowledged had been a difficult week, Mr. Rasmussen said in an interview that attempts to gain commercial advantage at Denmark's expense had struck at the hearts of all Danes.

Mr. Rasmussen did not refer to a particular business organization or country. But his response came in reply to a question referring to attempts in the Arab world by companies associated with Nestlé, the Swiss food giant, and Carrefour, the French retailer, to distance themselves from Denmark. Danish industry estimates it has lost more than $55 million in sales in the Middle East since the furor began a week ago.

"Denmark is a liberal country," he said. "We do believe in individual liberty and freedom. People can live according to their own customs. However, I think we have to insist on respecting our core values, including freedom of expression, gender equality for women and men, and a clear distinction between politics and religion."

Två uppmaningar med anledning av Carrefours och Nestlés agerande:

1) Köp danskt!
2) Bojkotta Carrefour och Nestlé!